How To Name Your App | App Name Best Practices

So, You got an amazing app idea and now you’re thinking of converting this amazing app idea into reality and an app of your own name in the stores. But wait?? Have you figured out what should be its name? Will this be next Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, AirBNB or what ?? This will be your brand name, so don’t just give it a name that seems so fishy, unfamiliar or very familiar. It should be unique, very unique.

Choosing an intriguing and thought-provoking name for your app can be the hardest part. It will give you a brand name which should be very unique, exclusive yet timeless.
When people search for something related to your app, you must want your app to standout as alluring yet very close to their search among rest of the apps in that category.
Below I have shortlisted some do’s and don’ts for naming your app.
Things to care about while naming your app(DO’s):
  • Short: Keeping your app name short will make end users to remember it more as compared to a lengthy app name. It should be easy to call and remember. It further depends upon what’s your main objective of launching your app idea whether a full earning object or a brand name. Keep it simple & short that’s what I recommend. 
  • Relevant: Your app name should be relevant to what its core feature and objective is. Always remember that your app name itself should give its users an idea what it can do and what it is contained with.
  • Availability: Before finalising the app name, make sure whether its URL or domain name is available on market or not. You must be need of some landing page or a website for your app in future for promoting your app to this whole world. Choose wisely a .com, .co, .au, .in, .net or whatever.
  • Get Ideas/Suggestions: Its better to take ideas or suggestions from your team, family, friends or the potential users which are going to use your app. Taking suggestions from like minded people doesn’t cost anything, it will just improve or validate your idea.
  • Target Audience: Always start from what will be your target audience like whether it will be a gaming community or social or business or universities or what?? After analysing your target audience and their app interests, choose a unique name which seems more vying from others. 
Things to avoid while naming your app (DON’Ts):
  • Similarity: Avoid similar names as of your competitor’s or other popular apps that are already in the market. It will secure you from any copyright related issues and make your app stands unique by its own name.
  • Special Characters: Avoid using special characters in your app name. Special characters are not that much SEO friendly and may rank your app lower in the search results. It will helpful in your app keyword optimisation or ASO in other words.
  • Audience Testing: Test your target audience and their interests whether the potential users are searching for terms which your app idea is about or not and what are their search terms. Avoiding the target audience may lower your app ranking.
  • Sticking With One Name: Don’t stick with only one name, try to find out other names as well and then validate them with your family, friends, colleagues or potential users, they can help you sorting the one which suite best.
  • Avoiding Trademarking: Many new developers or businesses forget or neglect the name trademarking which may cause them a lot of trouble in later stages. So, I suggest to clear your app name from authorised trademark attorney before final launching. It will help you a lot and give you all the trademark rights of your app name.
I hope above stated do’s and don’ts will help you to find an amazing and unique name for your app. So, go ahead and name your app today. Wish you all the success with your new app journey. ✌️
Name Generator Websites For Mobile Apps:
Here’re few of the website links which may help you to generate some names for your app. You can give them a try if you want:
Note: All of the above stated points are based on my own experience, research and knowledge which may be differ from your point of view or experience. 👨‍💻