Convert Swift Code To Kotlin Using SwiftKotlin Mac Tool

Today, In this post, I am bringing you one very useful and easy to operate Mac tool for converting your Swift code to Kotlin very efficiently.

Kotlin is general purpose, open source, statically typed programming language for the JVM and Android which combines both the functional and Object-oriented programming features. It has similar syntax as of Swift language. It provides almost all of the swift programming language features like optionals, generics, extensions, etc.

Using this powerful SwiftKotlin tool you can automatically transform the Swift code into Kotlin with very less efforts or tweaks to the code (like to adapt the code for android specific libraries).

Below is the image showing the SwiftKotlin tool in running:



You can get this tool from here on GitHub. Hope it helps!

I am sure, you’ll love this tool for saving your time and efforts writing your Swift code into Kotlin and learning this modern language.

If you’re having any issue, do let me know in the comments section and I’ll try my best to reply you as soon as possible!

Thanks for your time. Keep coding! 👨‍💻