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Twitter Login Integration In iOS Using Swift

Twitter Login Integration In iOS Using Swift

Hi, In this post, we'll learn how to integrate Twitter SDK in iOS apps. Its pretty simple and easy to implement Login using Twitter in iOS applications. You can learn it just by going through this post only once. I hope you'll like it!

FYI, we can use twitter login in 2 ways in our iOS applications. One is using default Twitter Login Button and second one is using our own custom button for twitter login. In this post, I'll guide you through both the twitter login methods.

Without any delay, let's start with our project setup. Again, we'll accomplish our goal by following a step by step approach as mentioned below:
Setup Xcode ProjectInstall Twitter PodsCreate App On Twitter Apps DashboardWrite Some CodeRun Our AppSTEP 1: Setup Xcode Project: 

First of all, open your Xcode project and create a single view application. Give some name to your project and click Next.

Here, if you want to use Twitter's own custom Login but…