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Facebook Login Integration In iOS Using Swift

Hi, In this post, we'll learn how to implement Facebook Login in iOS apps. Nowadays, users don't want to waste their time for signing up, instead they just want a quick and secure signup/login process through their social accounts. So, in this post, we'll cover how to enable Facebook login in iOS applications. Its pretty simple and easy to learn. I hope you'll enjoy it!
So, again, we'll accomplish our goal by following a step by step approach as mentioned below:
Setup Xcode ProjectInstall Facebook PodsCreate App On Facebook Developer ConsoleWrite Some CodeRun Your AppSTEP 1: Setup Xcode Project
First of all, open your Xcode project and create a single view application. Give some name to your project and click Next.

Once you're in your project environment, drag and drop a button on your storyboard and give it some name like "Login With Facebook". Add some constraint on this button and create its action in your ViewController.swift file. After this clos…

PayPal Integration In iOS Applications | Payment Gateways iOS/Swift

Hey everyone, In today's post, we'll learn about how to integrate PayPal SDK in iOS apps. These days, there's a huge increase in the eCommerce business. With this increase, there's also getting a high demand of eCommerce mobile apps. The most important part of any eCommerce mobile app is the payment processing through a secure payment gateway. Without any secure payment gateway, no user will trust on your mobile app and hence no one wants to use their payment methods with your app. So, a secure and reliable payment gateway is must for every eCommerce mobile app. And when it comes to reliability and security who can ever forget PayPal ???
So, In this tutorial, I'll guide you through a step by step approach to integrate PayPal Payment Gateway into any iOS application using Swift as the language. I hope you'll like it.

And Yes, Bring yourself a cup of coffee, this tutorial is going to take some of your time & efforts too. 😊

We'll follow a Step By Step Pr…